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How Long Can You Delay A Funeral?

May, 15 2020
How Long Can You Delay A Funeral?

The adverse circumstances we currently find ourselves in with COVID-19 do not lend themselves to large gatherings ...


COVID-19: Virtual Memorial Services

April, 7 2020
COVID-19: Virtual Memorial services

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has changed the way that all of us live and work. Facing the loss of a loved one at any time is a hardship; at times like this, it can be even harder. We’ve had to balance our priorities ...


How Do You Prepare For A Memorial Service

March, 19 2020
How do you prepare for a memorial service

Memorial services are generally fairly formal events - it’s important to note that in recent years, this rule is less hard and fast than it once was.


What Is The Most Expensive Part Of A Funeral

February, 19 2020
What is the most expensive part of a funeral

Funeral costs can sometimes be hard to understand. You’ll almost never see costs listed on the websites of funeral homes - that’s because for all but the most basic services, it’s almost impossible to list everything.


Average Funeral Costs 2020

January 15, 2020
Average Funeral Costs 2020

How much the "average" funeral costs isn’t an easy thing to figure out - the Funeral Board of Manitoba explains...


Before Meeting With A Funeral Director

December 10, 2019
Funeral Director

Meeting new people can be difficult at the best of times and meeting with a funeral director often happens during a very stressful time - after the death of a loved one...


How To Lower Funeral Costs

November 21, 2019
Lower Funeral Expenses

The average cost of a funeral in Canada is in the realm of $8,000 - $10,000 and those don't necessarily include the casket and other fees. Funeral Costs can amount to many tens of thousands...


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